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‧Operation & Maintence

Residents living in the communities or buildings equipped with sewage systems may suffer inconveniences when the sewage treatment facilities are damaged or when the result of operating these facilities runs counter to their expectations due to the shortage of professional personnel to help properly operate and maintain the facilities, not to mention being fined for breaching environmental-related regulations.

As a full-service environmental consulting and engineering company, for years, L&A has provided services regarding the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment systems for residential areas, hospitals, as well as schools, including some well-known establishments:

Sewage Treatment Plant (1000 CMD) in Ta Shee Golf & Country Club.  The treated wastewater is further used for a lawn sprinkler system.

Sewage Treatment Plant (1000 CMD) at Jinwen University of Science & Technology

Sewage Treatment Plant (650 CMD) in Dharma Drum Mountain

Bali Landfill- Leachate Treatment Plant (800 CMD).  The plant was conferred on the ISO-14000 certification.

Keelung Tianwaitian Landfill-Leachate Treatment Plant (350 CMD).

Chunan Landfill-Leachate Treatment Plant. (350 CMD)

Taichung Landfill-Leachate Treatment Plant. (450 CMD)

Hsinchu Landfill-Leachate Treatment Plant. (170 CMD)

Neihu Chang-Yuan Carwash Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sewage Treatment Plant (3000 CMD) in RSL Community.

Sewage Treatment Plant (3000 CMD) in Riverrich Community, Shindian.

Sewage Treatment Plant (3000 CMD) in LotusHill Community.

Hydropower Station of Sewage System in New Taipei City

Sewage Treatment Plant of Shin Kun Ming Hospital

Water Resource Center in Linkou, New Taipei City (23,000 CMD)

L&A provides a wide range of services in operation and maintenance which involve regular maintenance of facilities, machinery maintenance & repair, trash removal, adding of disinfectant, and effluent water quality testing.  All these services are then reported to the competent authorities concerned as well.

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